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Fırat Parlak - Koray Şahin

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“I love you so much, dad. I’m glad to have you.” That’s all a father wishes to hear from his child. In fact, a single look might sometimes be enough to express how much one loves another… It is the story of a man turning into a devoted father who would do anything for that loving look. It is the story of sharing love… The small life Ali and his father have created for themselves in Kas shall change forever after Leyla comes along. Leyla abruptly gets into their lives and leaves just as sudden. And she leaves a gift behind; Efe… A man becomes a father the first time he holds his child. And when he does, the meaning of love changes in his mind. Ali has always been a “son” before Efe comes along. And now it’s his turn to be “the father” As he keeps on fighting for his son life opens new doors for them. Ali will have to make choices and figure out that he can do anything for his son. This unexpected hapiness will show him that small is the seed of every greatness. And he’ll come to understand that unrequited love is the strongest knot of the father&son bond.